Press Release

Press Release

KKV Agro Powers posts Rs.78.85 lakh PAT during first half 30.09.2016



KKV listed in NSE – Emerge platform, Posted Rs.78.85 Lakhs Net Profit after tax payment. This renewable energy generation & Trading Company recorded its turnover as Rs.3.31 Cr. for this first half.

The Power generation units are higher than the earlier year and may give additional revenue current year.

Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) trade usually feeble in the first half of the year and will trade more from the February, as the year end obligation to comply by HT users, will add strength to the performance of the company. REC income for this half year is Rs.12.19 lakhs and for the full year in the 2014-15 periods, Rs.44 lakhs were earned.

The Company hopes that better governance, demonetisation and Government’s Renewable energy policy would improve overall growth of our economy.

The Company is proposed to do Agri business as pilot project and exploring better business opportunity in Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh.


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