Independent Directors

Shri V.Chandrasekaran

Dr. V.Chandrasekaran, was appointed as an Independent Director of our company from 07-Sep-2015. He holds  MBBS Degree and is a practicing medical professional. He is also a noted philanthropist, actively engaged in various social activities that focus on education, eco-friendly and sustainable living initiatives.Thus Dr. Chandra Sekaran gives a third-man’s perspective on the functioning of KKV Agro Powers. He helps the company reach out to the public.

Shri B.Mohan

Mr. B. Mohan was appointed as an additional Independent Director on the Board of Directors of the Company on 22nd April 2019. He is a Graduate in Commerce and Law, Post Graduate in Finance and Social Sciences and Post Graduate Diploma in Management. He is also a qualified Chartered Associate of Indian Institute of Banker and a Certified Financial Planner. He started his career as an Accountant at National Airport Authority of India, Chennai and has been the Assistant Manager, Manager, Assistant Vice President and Vice President in Unit Trust of India. He also headed the Territory Marketing Department of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, Estate and HR Department of Southern Zone. He owns an ample exposure and experience in Research, Planning, Operations, Customer Service etc.

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